Helpful Beasties

There are lots of animals in the garden, from mites you can only see under a microscope, to foxes that stalk the garden at night. Mummy bean’s promised to teach me all about them as I grow and as part of our grow-your-own challenge this month, we’re learning all about helpful insects in your garden.


Insect Guide


There are lots of different types of bee. Some live in a hive, some in the ground and some in brick walls. We have a box in our garden for the mason bees that visit each year and our next door neighbours have a hive so we get lots of honey bees here too.

Bees pollinate flowers and play a vital role in our ecosystem.

We adopted a hive this year to help support the bees and protect them. This way we can help without having to maintain a hive ourselves. You can adopt your’s through the British Bee Keeping Association.


There are hundreds of different beetles. They feast on caterpillars and bugs that might eat our plants.


Strictly speaking a beetle, ladybirds love to eat aphids. Aphids are tiny little green things that eat our plants so ladybirds are our heroes.

One year ladybirds got a lot of bad press because there was a plague of them in the UK and they bite. Ouch!

We still think they are wonderful though in their array of bright coloured jackets.



These little insects have tiny lacy green wings. Lacewings eat all sorts of things. Caterpillars, aphids, white fly



We hope some of those caterpillars survive because they turn into butterflies and moths. Butterflies show us that our garden is healthy and of course by laying eggs that turn into caterpillars, they keep those other helpful bugs hanging around!

Comma Butterfly

You can help encourage these insects to your garden by making a bug box for them. You can even buy one if you want, They’re available from lots of different places. Our bee box is from a local maker who was at a yearly Green Fair that’s held in our area. They are available in most garden centres too.

If you have a bug box, we’d love to know what’s living in it, so don’t forget to let us know!



2 thoughts on “Helpful Beasties

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    We do definitely need those beasties, Little Bean! You remind me of when my own bean was young and we raised Monarch butterflies together. Such a great lesson in insects for both of us. When you’re older, maybe your mummy and daddy beans will help you raise little beasties too.


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