Thursday Play Date: Tweety Pie, Sweety Pie!


This week I’ve been learning about the birds in our garden!

Mummy loves to see the birds in our garden. We feed them to help them out when it’s hard for them to find food.


When they visit the garden, mummy and I stand in the bay window and she points out the birds to me. I like the blackbirds best because I can see them clearly. They fly all around the garden, shouting at each other. They are very funny.

Grandma and granddad bean visited at the weekend and they brought me my very, own fluffy bird. It’s called a Chaffinch and when I squeeze it, it makes its own special noise, just like the Chaffinch’s in our garden. This means I can learn about the birds when I’m playing too!

Toy Chaffinch


I think he’ll get on just fine with this Long Tailed Tit mummy and daddy bean gave me.

Toy Long-Tailed Tit

Mummy bean says that pretty soon I’ll something called a menagerie!

Here’s a song to celebrate the birds. It’s about birds and happiness.

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The bird toys in this post are produced by the RSPB and can be bought online or in RSPB shops. We love them in our household and we’re sure bean will collect a few more. For more info on these cute fluffy friends, you can find them on the RSPB website, here.


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