The Pot Can’t Call The Kettle Black

We’ve mentioned before what hard water we have in our area and it causes havoc with our appliances. The kettle is not spared from the onslaught, especially as we use it a lot for mummy bean’s cups of tea and my bottles. So here’s how to descale your kettle without any fancy descalers, just plain old white vinegar.

Kettle and Cup - 27751426_s

  • First of all make sure you’ve made bottles for your little bean has milk and mummy bean has a cup of tea.
  • Fill the kettle half full with equal parts water and white vinegar.
  • Boil the kettle.
  • Leave for at least 20 mins
  • Tip out water and rinse kettle thoroughly until you can’t smell the vinegar anymore.
  • If the manufacturers of your kettle say you shouldn’t use vinegar, and some do, then use a squeeze of lemon and some slices of lemon as an alternative. Make sure you check first.
  • Now you can admire your shiny new kettle. Better start in the pots next.



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