Five Reasons Why Babies Are Like Hobbits

…a post from mummy bean

Babies are like Hobbits. What? My baby doesn’t have hairy feet or smoke a pipe, I hear you say. Ah, but they are definitely like Hobbits and thanks to J R R Tolkien’s study of the Hobbit we can see how…

Second Breakfast

Let’s start with the more obvious similarities.

1. They are under four foot.

2. They always have second breakfast, in fact most of the time, they insist on five or six meals a day.

3. They lead a very simple life centred around eating and socialising.

Now for the slightly less obvious:

4. They love round things. Babies look for faces which are round. Hobbits love the round things too, prevalent in the architecture found in their homes, in particular their doors.

5. Capable of great courage – anyone who wakes me up at 3am to ask for food, is definitely capable of great courage; ask my husband.

I’d check down the side of the cot mattress for a pipe, if I were you and next time you’re bathing your bean, just examine their feet…


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