Point + Shoot: Feeturing Bean and XCOM


This weekend daddy had some friends round to play some board games. They played a game that had a character called Cthulhu in it and another game called XCOM. I tried to join in with XCOM because it was all about space and I know about spaces, but I couldn’t get hold of the pieces. I think I’ll manage it in the next month or so though and then I can join in.

On Sunday the sun was shining and we went out for a walk and visited the sheep in the field near us. It was still a bit cold though and by the time I got back my cheeks were red and I was very tired.

Mummy bean says we have a busy social life this week and I’m going to meet some little bean’s who are twins. That means they look the same!

As usual I am linking up with my friends across at Snowing Indoors and You Baby Me Mummy.
You Baby Me Mummy

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