Smelling Fresh: Essential Oil Giveaway

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The first thing mummy bean noticed, when we started to clean with more natural products was that things smelt different. They didn’t smell bad they just didn’t smell flowery anymore. Now we don’t need everything to smell of flowers, in fact we are quite used to things just smelling of fresh air now but occasionally we need an air freshener. Mummy bean says it’s something to do with my nappies. I’m not sure what she means.

She says she doesn’t want a little bean like me breathing in the chemicals that make things smell flowery so instead she’s found another way.

She takes an old take away container, fills it with hot water and puts a few drops of essential oil in the water. It floats on the top and eventually it floats into the air. Mummy bean says this is called evaporation. You could also use an oil burner…

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