Point + Shoot: Feeturing Bean and Admiral Nelson


It snowed this weekend! It’s the first time I’ve seen snow. It looks like my powdered milk only mummy bean says it’s very cold and doesn’t taste nice at all. I was glad we were tucked up inside with the fire to keep us warm.

I don’t know where the time went because bath time came around much quicker than I expected. I’m not sure about baths; sometimes I like them sometimes I don’t. This bath time we got to try out my new baby bath and mummy bean introduced me to a new friend: a duck called Nelson. I think I’m going to enjoy bath times a lot more now. We’re going to get on just fine.

There’s an extra special bath friend I’ll be introducing you to later today. His names Paddy, so look out for him. I’m a bit worried Paddy might eat Admiral Nelson so I’ll have to speak to mummy bean about that before I introduce them to each other.

As usual I am linking up with my friends across at Snowing Indoors and You Baby Me Mummy.
You Baby Me Mummy

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