5 Simple Ways To Reduce Plastic Waste


plastic waste copy

Can you believe it, it’s time for the January Green Bean Challenge, round-up?!

I’ve been in the new space now for almost two months and I’ve been helping mummy bean to be a bit greener. We’ve been very busy this month and haven’t done as much as we’d like but  here’s what we have done:

  1. Used reusable bags
  2. Avoided plastic that can’t be recycled when shopping
  3. Raised awareness of hidden plastic, particularly in disposable nappies
  4. Found ways to make fun and useful things from old plastic.
  5. Raised our awareness of plastic codes and learnt what can or can’t be recycled.

(All posts on the above can be found under the Green Bean Challenge tab at the top of the page.)

We will carry on trying to reduce our plastic waste and mummy bean even wants to try naked shopping later in the year.

Tomorrow a new Green Bean Challenge starts but cutting down on plastic doesn’t have to stop there. We would love to know what you’ve tried to do this month and what you’re going to carry on doing next month so let us know in the poll below. Don’t forget everything little green bean thing you do, adds up to a whole hill of beans!

You can have your say on what the next few months Green Bean Challenges, here.


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