Just Leaves Friday: The One With The Tree

One, two, three and swirl it’s time for Just Leaves Friday!

Last Weeks Reading:

We’ve had a very busy social week this week and I went to my first baby and toddler group. I think that’s what the dogs were telling us in last weeks reading as there were lots of beans there of all different sizes. It was very tiring and I had to sleep lots but mummy bean says that as I get older I will be able to play with them too.

Mummy says that the obstacle was possibly about trying to buy a new car with a little bean. Daddy bean went off to look at them on his own and with the power of something called WiFi, they decided on a new car (new to them at least) to drive me around in.

We’re not sure what the practical aspect was, perhaps it’s the bulbs on my windowsill which are already pushing through or maybe it’s mummy’s writing as she’s managed to start a little bit of editing this week. She’s it’s not a lot but a start.

Today’s reading:

Microsoft Word - Document1

Tea used for reading:  Organic Chai, from Char Teas, Winchester. Spicy and warming organic tea brilliant for helping ease mummy’s cold.

1) Tree: We think this looks like an Elder tree and Edlers are all about communication and the spirit world.

2) Bee: This symbolises domestic bliss and a busy time.

3) Standing Bird : Simply means good news.

4) Scorpion (upside down): Mummy bean’s seen this one once before and it refers to harsh critics. There may be something said that upsets you.

5) Cockerel (upside down): This is associated with pride, being boastful possibly arrogant and the advice is to be careful and think before you speak. As it’s standing that means good news. The upside down position means an uncertainty and that this could change.


This week mummy bean needs to look to the spiritual world for guidance and concentrate on communication as she’s going to have a busy time. At home we’ll be fine but mummy bean needs to think before she speaks and know that even if there is harsh criticism from somewhere this week there will hopefully be good news to follow, if the cockerel doesn’t change that. I’ll let you all know how our week goes next Friday, so put a date in your diary and join us for Just Leaves Friday again next week.

If you beans fancy having a go at some amateur tasseomancy yourself and being a guest on ‘Just Leaves Friday’, then we’d love to hear from you. Just drop me a line via info@dsnelson.co.uk.

Have A Great Weekend!

I hope you’ve found this week’s tea leaves interesting and that you’ll join me in tasseomancy Friday. If you’d like to share then please leave your comments and links to posts, or photos below the blog.
(*Disclaimer: Mummy bean is an amateur tea-leaf/ coffee ground reader, she does not own an ornate caravan or crystal ball and is certainly not a professional psychic. There is a lot more to tea leaf reading than she has covered here and far more comprehensive readings where the symbols can be interpreted differently. Her information comes from books and websites. She uses www.tasseography.com’s instructions for tea leaf reading and  *’Tea Leaf Reading For Beginners’ by Caroline Dow. 

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4 thoughts on “Just Leaves Friday: The One With The Tree

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Glad you and your mummy and daddy beans found a car. Finding the right one is a pain whether or not you have a little bean with you. And your trip to the play group sounds like fun, even if you did get tired out. Let’s hope this week is a productive one and it’s always good to think carefully before you say the first thing that comes to your mind.


    • writerdsnelson says:

      Thank you, Margot. I think I’m going to enjoy my new chauffeur driven carriage. As for speaking before you think, I’m having trouble getting people to understand what I’m saying. Mummy bean says I’ll be able to speak when I’m bigger. It’s very frustrating!

      Liked by 1 person

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