Thursday Play Date: Peepo!


This week I’ve been playing: Peepo!

This week I’ve been playing the best game in the world! Mummy calls it peepo. She holds her hand over my eyes and she completely disappears! Then she reappears and says Peepo! This is great fun. I often wonder where  mummy bean goes. I know she doesn’t go far as she is back very quickly. Her face is always smiling at me when she comes back so it must be somewhere nice. I smile back too.


We also play peepo with my towel at bath time, my flannel in the mornings, my blanket during the day and even in the mirror!

Mummy bean says it reminds her of a great story her mummy bean used to read to her:


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2 thoughts on “Thursday Play Date: Peepo!

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, Peepo is the most fun in the world, LIttle Bean! My grand-bean loves to play it. When you’re a bigger bean, you’ll be able to the covering-up yourself and then say ‘Peepo!’


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