Designer Diapers

I’ve just started wearing some cloth nappies and I love the funky designs on the outer wraps. Mummy bean says she could easily spend too much on them but when she saw this cloth nappy and wrap for sale on e-bay she was very surprised! Even she’d draw the line here.


We know there’re cloth nappy addicts out there, so come on, confess, what’s the most you’ve spent on a cloth nappy you just had to have for your little bean?


2 thoughts on “Designer Diapers

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Well, you’re worth any amount of money, Little Bean, but I have to agree with your mummy bean on this one! Yikes! When my bean was little, we didn’t spend a lot for nappies, but there were a few little absolutely irresistible outfits and shoes…

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