The Big Three In The First Six


Looking after little beans can be very tiring because we need lots of attention. Mummy bean says sometimes it’s difficult to tell what I want but I thought I was making it perfectly clear. I only really want milk, I’m not that bothered about anything else.

I don’t really like having my nappy changed or having a bath but mummy bean says I’ll get stinky if I don’t.

She says sometimes I go from nought to crying in sixty seconds and she can’t tell why and that makes her sad. I don’t want mummy to be sad, so here’s what I suggest. Mummy bean only really needs to concentrate on three things and here they are:

  • Are we both dressed?
  • Are we both clean?
  • Are we both fed?

That’s it, it’s simple really, I’m not sure what all the fuss is about ;-). Mummy bean says what about the hoovering, and the washing, and the ironing, and the cooking, and the cleaning. I say, if the big three are done, then sit down mummy bean and have a cup of tea before I need my milk again!

We’d love to know what your big three in the first six weeks are or were and we’d love to know how you other little beans are doing, so let us know below!



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