5 Projects For Old Plastic

plastic bottles

As us beans know, we throw away a lot of plastic. As well as recycling, where you can, to cut down on landfill, you could also try these fun projects with your beans:

Make A Rain Gauge –  learn about the weather with your bean and make a rain gauge out of an old plastic drinks bottle. Visit the Met Office website to find out more.

Hatch Your Own Butterfly– teach your beans about the life cycle of a butterfly by making a butterfly house with an old ice cream tub. See this article in the Guardian newspaper to find out how. I think this ones for slightly older, very gentle beans.

Margarine Tub Boat – a fun project for your beans and great fun at bath time. Save an old margarine tub and make a tug boat. Here’s how via Red Ted Art’s Blog.

Hanging Bottle Garden – something for beans young and old. You can create a hanging garden for any space with old water bottles. Find out how with this handy YouTube video.

Plarn – a great creative way to make new things out of old carrier bags, it’s yarn made out of plastic! Mummy bean discovered it via Kathy Zola who makes great placemats that are available through her Etsy shop. Here’s a tutorial on how to make your own plarn, from another crafty bean from Moonlit Circus. Mummy bean says she’d like to have a go at this one day.


As always we want to know what you’ve bean up to, so if you’ve tried one of these projects, or have another great way to use old plastic, then please share your comments and pictures with us below, on the blog, on twitter (@beantweeting), Facebook (www.facebook.com/BeanonAnAdventure), or Instagram (@writerDSNelson).


6 thoughts on “5 Projects For Old Plastic

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    I’ve never heard of plarn before, Little Bean! That’s very creative! When my own bean was little, she used empty drink bottles to make paperweights. They looked beautiful too!


  2. kathzola says:

    Hey there, Bean – thanks for the shout-out! Here’s a link to my Facebook page if anyone wants to view my future spring adventures with plarn https://www.facebook.com/KathysKaps
    For what it is worth, I find that cutting the bags into spirals makes a smoother plarn than looping loops together.


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