Fancy Tat, It’s Lunchtime!


I believe that no-one should eat alone and therefore when mummy bean sits down with her sandwich at lunchtime, as soon as she takes a bite, I make sure I ask for some milk. Even if I’ve only just finished eating, I know it’s my duty to make sure she doesn’t eat alone. She always has the milk handy so I must be right in thinking she’d like the company.

This lunchtime she had a lovely bright glass to hand for her orange juice. It sparkles in the sunshine and she tells me it’s made out of up-cycled wine bottles. She has two of them and they are made by mummy and daughter beans from Kent (UK), Claire and Janet, who run a company called ‘Fancy Tat’.


They started Fancy Tat, together in 2013 and their mission is, ‘Old Tat, turned into something fancy’.  Here they are:


Like all green beans they believe in re-using things wherever possible. Together they are very creative with things that other beans don’t want, making beautiful things out of them.

Mummy bean loves their up-cycled wine bottle tumblers and was given two by ‘Fancy Tat’ so that she can tell other beans about them. She says they are the perfect size for making sure she stays hydrated during the day when I’m demanding attention. Daddy bean likes them too as they are not too fussy. They are sturdy, easy to clean tumblers, that are dishwasher safe and even arrive in recycled packaging. What’s even better is we’re re-using old things!

Claire and Janet make all sorts of different items for their Etsy shop and here are some of them:
You can check out ‘Fancy Tat’ for yourself on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Etsy. Click on the links to find an original and creative gift for your lovely beans.
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8 thoughts on “Fancy Tat, It’s Lunchtime!

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Those look so pretty! And I always think it’s innovative and creative to make new lovely things from upcycled material. Oh, and just one thing, Little Bean. Maybe you might let Mummy Bean finish her sandwich before asking for milk? I’m sure she gives you some before she starts to eat after all…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Colette B says:

    What a great brand name! Love the idea behind it too.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x


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