A Bean’s First Christmas


Something happened a few days ago called Christmas. Christmas is a celebration. A celebration is a party with presents and it marks a specific date.

Mummy bean says that a long time ago another bean was born who did lots of wonderful things for people. That’s why we celebrate Christmas.

This year mummy and daddy bean were also celebrating my birth.

It was a lovely day and the big beans ate a lot of food. I joined in by asking for lots of milk. Someone called Santa, who comes at Christmas, likes milk. Santa also likes mince pies and daddy bean ate a lot of those. I wonder if daddy bean’s related to Santa?

Mummy bean says I got lots of presents of clothes and toys, and that I am a very lucky little bean.

In the afternoon we watched daddy’s favourite Christmas film: A Muppet Christmas Carol. It was quite strange. There were lots of furry animals and they were talking and singing. Mummy bean says animals don”t normally talk like this, they all sound different and she’s going to teach me all about them when I get older.

I was very tired by the end of the day and I was pleased to have a sleep in my moses basket.

Mummy bean says something called a New Year is coming soon. That means time starts again, only it doesn’t. It’s a bit confusing but mummy bean said not to worry because I can have a sleep and when I wake up it will all have happened and I don’t need to do anything. Well, except maybe ask for some more milk because these beans don’t seem to know when I want it, I have to shout at them. Still, I’m sure I’ll get them trained up soon.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families, I’m off to ask for some more milk!


4 thoughts on “A Bean’s First Christmas

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Sounds as though you had a lovely time and your mum and dad did, too. I’ve got to say though that it may take more work than you think to train your parents. Still, if you’ll be patient and ask nicely, they’ll learn. Shouting at them at two in the morning doesn’t exactly help matters.. 😉


  2. Jane Andreoli says:

    Hi Bean

    I spent my Christmas with a slightly bigger bean than you, who is already walking, running and skipping around like a little dervish. I gave her wings for Christmas, even though she won’t be able to fly properly. She looks like a Christmas fairy in them. I also gave her toys and a quilt, because you can’t spend all your time pretending to fly. We played and it was a lot of fun!

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