Night Feeds: In The Drop Zone

…a post from the voice. Not for the faint hearted or weak stomached…


So I’m sitting in the nursery giving the beanster her four o’ clock feed and as I try to avoid baby sick on my fluffy dressing gown for the third consecutive night in a row, I think, there’s got to be a better way.

Then a thought strikes me like a thunderbolt. I need an area where it’s safe for beans to reject their meal in peace, without causing an extreme amount of washing and carpet cleaning.

Introducing, the drop zone:


To create your very own drop zone you will need:

  • An apron to protect your dressing gown whilst feeding. Wipe clean or washable, up to you.
  • Some none slip plastic or in this case nylon waterproof fabric to place under your chair to protect the carpet.
  • Muslins, plenty of them.

Of course beans have a way of finding the weak point in your drop zone. So far bean has not found that point in my zone. I suspect it’s the quilt covering the chair. I’m waiting for her to find the flaw in my plan.

All that remains to be said, for all those night feeding, good luck!




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