Banking On It…


food bank

In our house Christmas is all about the food. I’m just hungry all the time so I’m not going to argue with that.

Unfortunately there are some beans, even in the UK a place where beans are a lot better off than others, that find they don’t have food and need emergency supplies.

This year, when they did their Christmas shop, the voices bought some extra cans of food and tea bags to donate to the local food bank.

This is a place where beans can go when they need food in an emergency. The voice says that if we all bought an extra can with our Christmas shop and donated it to the local food bank we’d be helping a lot of other beans.

This is a really simple thing that every bean can do next time they are shopping.


To find your nearest local food bank, click on one of the links below:



2 thoughts on “Banking On It…

  1. Zahra says:

    Volunteering at a food bank, we are always conscious that we couldn’t exist without the generous donations we receive throughout the year. I think buying food is a really nice way for people to give to charity at Christmas as it’s more tangible than putting money in a collection box. As you says, it also costs little to add a couple of extra tins to your shop, but can make a huge difference to somebody.

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