Maison Mason


In 2011 the voice discovered some bees scratching at the wall of our house outside. There are lots of different types of bee and they are very important. These bees are called Masonry Bees (Osmia Rufa).

In Britain masonry bees don’t tend to make their own holes but we didn’t really want then living in our wall. So we invested in some alternative accommodation for them. Our little Bee box has been in use now for three years.

Each year the spiders are kicked out and the bees take up residence. It’s a treat to watch them coming and going as they fill up the holes in the bee box. Here’s some pictures, the voice says they are a little fuzzy, but the bees are quite buzzy.

Osmia Rufa, like most bees, are not aggressive unless directly attacked so the voice says they are just fine around the family garden as long as we let them get on with their daily business. I’m looking forward to meeting them next year when they re-emerge.

Bee and bug boxes are a great way to help nature through the winter and if you’d like to get your own they are very easy to get hold of online over tor in your local garden centre.

Don’t forget to share your comments and pictures with us below or on twitter (@beantweeting) or Instagram (@writerDSNelson), and let us know what’s going on in your garden this winter.


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