The Great Nappy Debate


One of the major expenses and household waste producers, when looking after your little bean, is nappies. We use a lot of them. The voices have spent a lot of time discussing what sort of nappies I will have.

As we are trying to be greener beans the voice says we are going to be using reusable nappies as soon as possible. The problem is she doesn’t know what size I’m going to be. She also says she’ll be very tired when I first arrive so for the first few weeks I will be in something called biodegradable, disposable nappies. These cost a little bit more than normal disposables but the voice says this way we’ll be doing our bit for the environment.

We will also try using muslin cloths with nappy-nippas to get used to using reusable nappies. Here’s how:

Mummy voice wants to use reusable nappies because they are not only better for the environment but they are better for my bottom and help your pocket too as they cost less in the long run.

I have lots of colourful reusable nappies waiting for me to use as soon as I’m big enough but these are for beans that are between 9lbs and 35lbs so I might have to wait a little while before they fit me. The voice says they are from a company called Tots Bots, are super soft, bright and cheery and can’t wait to try them out.


You can get second-hand reusable nappies from selling sites and you may even be able to get a trial pack from your local council.

The voice got my nappies in a very good deal from a supermarket, so make sure you look out for deals too. There’re lots out there.

The voice will also be using Cheeky Wipes and/or cotton wool to keep me clean. Cheeky Wipes are tough little flannels that get my bottom nice and clean and are reusable.

cheeky wipes

Apart from the nappies the voice has needed to get some other things like a nappy bucket and bags to keep the nappies in until they go in the washer. She got these from a site called The Nappy Lady; an excellent website with good deals and brilliant customer service.

The Nappy Lady also has lots demo videos that can help you learn how to use reusable nappies and for those who are interested, here’s one that shows you how to use a three-part nappy system.

It’s not long now until I’m in my new space and the voice says she will report back on which biodegradable nappies she has tried, what they were like and how we got on with the reusables.

If you’ve used biodegradable or reusable nappies, we love your tips and advice, so don’t forget to leave your comments below.












3 thoughts on “The Great Nappy Debate

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    The nappy decision isn’t always an easy one, Little Bean. I can well imagine your Voices really took some to work out what they were going to do. But it it looks as though they’re all ready for you. Erm – you’re welcome to make your appearance whenever you’re ready you know. Any time… I’m sure you’ll find your new space much bigger and more comfy than the one you’re in now….No need to wait. 😉


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