Maternal Nostalgia…

…a post from the voice

As  I think about what bean might be like, what colour her eyes might be, what colour her hair might be, will she have any hair, I start to think back on my own childhood.

There are a few things that stick in my mind and one in particular is a record called, All Aboard. Yes that’s right folks I’m that old. I have often thought fondly of this record growing up and I finally found a copy of it. I am so pleased to finally have this back in my life and be able to play it to my little bean. Classics like , There Once Was an Ugly Duckling, The Laughing Policeman, Robin Hood and many many more are included on this record and make me smile.


I have also bought bean a book of fairy tales. I remember having fairy tales read to me when I was younger and I know she won’t understand them just yet, I believe you can’t start them too young!


So after a trip down memory lane, I’ll leave you with The Laughing Policeman from the ‘All Aboard’ compilation. It never fails to make me smile.

What are the things you remember from your childhood? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments box below!


2 thoughts on “Maternal Nostalgia…

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    So happy for you that you found that recording! That’s wonderful! And everything I know about the subject suggests that you’re absolutely right about reading to Bean starting very early. Reading every day to children – from birth – helps them in immeasurable ways. It cements the family bond, it is linked to greater interest in reading later, and it teaches important literacy skills.


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