My Four, Week Forty, Essentials…

…a post from the voice.


It’s week forty and the countdown begins: seven days until bean is due to arrive. Will she make an appearance this week or will she keep us waiting?

While we wait there are definitely four things I wouldn’t be without and here they are;

1) A nice warm, soft fluffy jumper. 


I got this one from the Sainbury’s Tu range. I bought it a size bigger so it fits me and bean, and will still be warm and snuggly for me once she’s here.

2) Hot chocolate and marshmallows


I’m dairy intolerant and although I still eat a lot of things I shouldn’t the one thing I really can’t have is milk. Instead I have almond milk. You can imagine my joy when I discovered chocolate almond milk! I either heat it on the hob or add on third milk and two thirds hot water. Quick simple hot chocolate. And no hot chocolate would be complete without marshmallows!

3) A good selection of books


Who knows how long we’ll be waiting and then once she’s here I’ll probably not be able to get a book read for some time so now’s the time for me to grab a good read!

4) A roaring fire

You can’t beat an open fire and with our garage stocked up with wood and kindling and the days getting colder, you’ll find me by the fire with my hot chocolate, fluffy jumper and a good book.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 13.14.20


Bean and the voice would love to know what your four forty week essentials are or just your winter essentials! Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below 🙂



4 thoughts on “My Four, Week Forty, Essentials…

  1. Rebecca Bradley says:

    I love the jumper! And as for reading, it’s probably all you’ll be capable of doing once bean is here. You’ll be so tired when bean sleeps you won’t be dashing about doing the housework so if you can’t sleep, curling up with a good book is just as relaxing. Some do sleep between feeds. It’s just tiring waking up and doing the night feeds because it feels like you’ve just finished one and they’re awake again! Like I say, curl up with a book during the day when bean naps 🙂


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