10 Simple Ways To Upcycle, Hand-Me-Down And Buy Second Hand



It’s time for the November Green Bean Challenge, round-up!

So what have we been doing this month? We’ve had tutorials on furniture upcycling and making new cushion covers, we’ve searched second-hand and antiques stores and we’ve had a great giveaway for some handmade cot-bags and grab-and-go bags.

Here are ten ways you can upcycle, hand-me-down and buy second-hand:

  1. Rejuvenate old furniture by using vinyl covering
  2. Go on a treasure hunt in second hand or antiques shops for hidden gems.
  3. Buy clothes from charity shops.
  4. Buy things you need from second-hand selling sites in your community.
  5. Visit nearly new sales for example, in the case of baby clothes, sales run by the NCT.
  6. Save your old baby clothes and nursery items to hand down to new members of the family.
  7. Make your own items, where you can.
  8. Give old cushions a second lease of life with new homemade covers.
  9. Upcycle that old duvet cover by making it into an activity quilt for your bean.
  10. Save your old fabrics and find new ways to upcycle them.

(All posts on the above can be found under the Green Bean Challenge tab at the top of the page.)

The voice and I are love being creative with crafting and sewing and we’ll continue to share with you the new projects.

What’s great is, all these ways of upcycling, also save you money!

We would love to know what you’ve tried to do this month and what you’re going to carry on doing next month so let us know in the poll below. Don’t forget everything little green bean thing you do, adds up to a whole hill of beans!


5 thoughts on “10 Simple Ways To Upcycle, Hand-Me-Down And Buy Second Hand

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    To me it’s amazing what a bit of sewing, a can of paint or a little refreshing can do for something. And it can be a lot of fun to go to antique stores, bazaars, charity shops and the like. I’ve also found things at open-air markets and swops.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sadnesstheory says:

    Love the list. So many good things! I also try to live more sustainable and blog about it (also write music about it). Great to see others too. Taking care of furniture and shoes, bags makes them last longer. I always try doing that. Thank you for this nice blog!


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