Homemade Salt Beef


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Earlier in the week the voice said we were going to make something called salt beef. She said when I arrive in the new space her and daddy voice are going to find it difficult to find time to do anything else but look after me.  I’m such a little bean, I’m not sure how I could take up that much time?

Anyway, the voice says she’s going to make a special type of beef for sandwiches. Her and daddy voice can eat it with salad in a sandwich and it’s an quick and easy meal that has lots of something called protein in it.

Here’s how she made it.*

She took 250g of salt, two litres of water, 75g of sugar, ten dried juniper berries, four dried cloves and three bay leaves from the bay tree outside. She put them all in a pan and brought them to the boil.

Once it was boiled she took it off the heat and left it to cool down, until it was cold.

Then she took an 800g organic slow roast beef joint and put it in a large freezer bag. She added the brine to the freezer bag and tied it tight shut. Then she put another bag around the beef and tied that too. Then she put it in a plastic container and made sure the beef was weighted down so that it was under the brine at all times.

Now she’s put it in the fridge and it’s going stay there for two weeks. Every day we have to go to the fridge and turn the beef over to check it soaks in the brine evenly.

Once the two weeks is done we can cook it. To do this the beef has to be simmered in water with something called a bouquet garni, for two hours. That’s a long time, it might be all wrinkly by the time it comes out!

The beef should last for two weeks, which is lots of time for mummy and daddy voice to eat scrummy salt beef sandwiches.

If you want to know more about Salt Beef there’s some very useful information here: www.bbc.co.uk.

We’ll be sure to let you know how we get on with our salt beef and if you’ve had a go at making it yourself, we’d love to know your tips for the perfect salt beef sandwich, so don’t forget to tell us in the comments box below.

* This recipe is based on a recipe from Riverford Organic Farms




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