Ten Things To Do In Two Weeks

A post from the voice:


You’re thirty-eight weeks pregnant! Only two weeks to go! Your little bundle of joy could arrive any time between now and another four weeks. So what are you going to do whilst you’re hanging around waiting for them to pack their little polka dot handkerchief and mosey on out to meet you all?

Here’s some of the things you could do:

  1. Get A Pedicure – face it, this is going to be one of the most undignified experiences of your life, barring that time you fell on your backside, wearing that really short skirt, in a nightclub. Even if nothing else looks attractive you can look at your toes and say, hell they look good!
  2. Get Your Hair Done: This is relaxing, gets you out and means you look your best for those compulsory photos of you and your newborn.
  3. Make Salt Beef: Random, I know, but our little bean is due in December and salt beef at Christmas is a tradition in my husband’s family. I’ve never made salt beef before as it involves a couple of weeks, steeping it in brine, turning it every day, but what better thing to have for sandwiches once your bean is here. Easy, tasty protein!
  4. Make Soups: You can stock your freezer up with homemade soups and stews ready for when you don’t even know if it’s night or day.
  5. Stock Up With Your First Week’s Essentials: You could make a trip to the supermarket or order online but nows the time you can stock up on baby and new mum essentials: nappies (you’ll need about 10 a day for the first week), wipes, cotton wool, nappy cream, formula milk (just in case) and of course chocolate! Finally stock up on maternity pads for yourself so your partner doesn’t have to face the supermarket’s wall of sanitary products, wondering what the hell kind of pads he should be buying you.
  6. Catch Up With Friends: Spend some time catching up and relaxing with your friends.
  7. Read: Catch up on all those books you’ve been meaning to read, you won’t get a chance once your bean is here.
  8. Write Birth Announcements or Christmas Cards: You could get ahead by addressing all your cards for birth announcements or in our case Christmas cards. this way you just have to pop a name on it, slide a photo in and send!
  9. Buy Birthday/Christmas Presents: You’re not going to know what day it is for the next month or so, so get all those birthday/Christmas presents sorted now and ready to go.
  10. Relax – enough said. Look after yourself and try to relax: granny nap, have a bath, or sit in the garden if it’s sunny.



4 thoughts on “Ten Things To Do In Two Weeks

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    I love your ideas! I remember when my own Bean arrived, there was absolutely no time to take care of myself or feel good about the way I looked. Those little details like a pedi and a great haircut can make all the difference. I found that treating myself to something nice – in my case a lovely fuzzy bathrobe – also helped…

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