You say Old Duvet Cover, I Say Activity Quilt!


When a friend of the voice’s gave her an old duvet cover that wasn’t going to be used anymore, she knew just what to do with. She made me an activity quilt and here’s how she did it.



  • Take one old duvet cover.


  • Cut into two pieces, along the seams, front and back.
  • Take some crinkle fabric, a squeaker and three small rattle inserts


  • Sew crinkle fabric to the back of the front, behind some of the shapes. The voice put crinkle fabric behind the cloud and a caterpillar (see pictures below).
  • Sew the squeaker in place by sandwiching it between the back of the duvet and a small piece of scrap fabric. The voice sewed the squeaker behind the sheep nose (see picture below).
  • Insert the rattles in the same way. The voice sewed these behind the centre of the flower (see picture below).


  • Take a piece of 6 oz wadding the same size as the front of your duvet.
  • Sandwich it between the front and the back pieces of the duvet, right sides of the duvet facing out.
  • Tack in place.
  • If you have a machine that can handle this thickness of fabric, machine stitch along the squares, if not hand stitch with running stitch. In this case I have used the squares as a guide for the patchwork but you can stitch any pattern you’d like.
  • Now edge with binding.
  • Ta Dah! An activity quilt for your little bean to roll around on to their heart’s content!


We’d love to know what you’ve been upcycling recently so don’t forget to let us know and share photos in the comments box below on my Facebook page.


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