Giveaway: Cot-Bag and Grab-And-Go-Bag *

Still time to enter the giveaway, please share with your friends. Would make a great gift for a new mum 🙂 (UK residents only)

I’ve been told it’s almost time for my grand entrance. I’m about three weeks away from being able to see my new space. As you know the voice has been making lots of things ready for my arrival. The voice says my new space has a jungle theme, so that I can learn all about the wonderful animals that surround us in the world. She says thankfully not all of them are in this country but it’s important we know about them and look after them. To go in my room she’s made me something called cot-bags and grab-and-go-bags. The cot-bags tie onto the side of my cot so that the voice can put useful things in them like bottles, wipes and toys. Here’s one being demonstrated on the stair rail as the cot hasn’t arrived yet.

The voice says you have to make sure they are tied on tight…

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