Second-Hand AKA Pre-loved

As a little bean I have a lot of things that I need! Daddy voice says he can’t believe how many things I need for such a little bean but the voice told him not to worry, because she would try to get a lot of the things second-hand. She says that second hand are things that have been very much-loved but now need to be passed on to another little bean so they can love them too.

Because little beans grow out of things so quickly, the voice says that many of these things are almost like new. So where does she find them. Here’s a list of the places she finds them.

  • NCT nearly new sales
  • Ebay
  • Local Facebook selling pages
  • Charity shops

The voice has managed to get five baby sleeping bags, a baby gym, a cosytoes pram insert, cot bedding and matching cot bumper, and a parasol for my pushchair (for the summer) all second-hand or nearly new.

She says she would have managed to get a lot more for me second-hand if she’d been able to go to the NCT nearly new sales, but they are always on a Saturday in our area and that’s when we go to the library for the day to do something called work. A friend told the voice about the local selling page and because it was a secret page on Facebook the voice found it quite late on.

We recommend finding the nearly new sales and the selling pages as soon as possible. It’s not only a great way to buy second-hand and recycle things but also it’s a good way of meeting other beans.

There are some things that are advisable not to get second-hand. The main two at mattresses and car seats.

I’m a very lucky bean because I have a lot of new things too but I will be making sure that when I don’t need them anymore other little beans can have them. This means we are being green beans, helping other beans and, if we sell some things, getting a bit of money back for the new things I will need as I grow.


3 thoughts on “Second-Hand AKA Pre-loved

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Pre-loved things are terrific choices, Little Bean. I remember when my own Bean was little, we also got things for her at something called yard sales. I don’t know if they have yard sales where you and your Voices live, but we have them here. They happen when people are getting ready to move house, or when their Beans are growing, and they want to make space for new things. They sell things like prams, parasols, and sometimes baby clothes and you can find them at great prices.


    • writerdsnelson says:

      Yard sales sound like fun. The voice says we sometimes have garage sales here, which are similar but it seems the favoured British Sunday pastime is a car boot. Daddy voice says there’s no way he’s going near those, though.Far too many people! And the voice says she read a story by you recently which make her wonder what might be in those car boots 😉


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