Keeping It In The Family

HMD2 Family is a collection of beans that are all related and who care about each other. When I’m in the new space I will have a family and I’m looking forward to meeting mine. The voice says my family have already been preparing for my arrival by collecting lots of things together that will help me when I’m here. These are things other beans in my family have used and don’t need anymore. The voice says my family and friends in the new space have handed me down, a Moses basket and stand (that’s somewhere for me to sleep when I’m a very little bean), lots of clothes, two changing mats, a pink rubber duck (that sounds fun), a baby monitor, a baby bouncer that the voice re-covered, some toys, a snuggle nest, a baby carrier, and my grandma’s old teddies. I’ve also been made two crochet blankets and quilt!

It sounds like I have a lot of things and the voice says that yet again we are recycling and giving things a second life. She says my family can’t wait to meet me. It sounds like my new space is full of them and they all want to help. I just hope it doesn’t get too crowded for a little bean.


2 thoughts on “Keeping It In The Family

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    You’re very lucky, Little Bean, that you have such a loving group of other beans to give you things and take care of you. You’re going to love your new space! Not long at all now before you see it yourself.


    • writerdsnelson says:

      The voice says I’m getting ready to arrive and she’s finding it very difficult to sleep but we’re trying to rest. She’s very pleased we almost have everything ready for me. Just a few bits left to do now!


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