November Green Bean Challenge: Upcycling, Handing Down and Buying Second Hand.


Thank you to everyone who joined in with October’s Green Bean Challenge. A whole month of saving energy. We looked at how to save energy with timer switches, thermostats, appliances in the kitchen, with your heating, water consumption in the garden and how Blaze On LED fairy lights can help save energy. I hope you’ve all picked up some good habits to carry on with. I know we have. We hope you will too and there’s still time to let us know how you will do that by clicking here.

Now it’s November and it’s time to start a new Green Bean Challenge. This month it’s all about ‘Upcycling, Handing Down and Buying Second Hand!’

The voice will be showing you how she brightened up an old tallboy for my nursery, made a new cushion cover for an old cushion, created an activity quilt out an old duvet cover and all about the different things she has managed to get for me second-hand or as hand-me-downs. It’s a very creative month this month on the blog.

There will also be a review of  The Screen Lean, a great product to lean your tablet or phone on whilst using it. The Screen Lean featured is one made especially with recycled fabrics!

The Voice says she’s had to do a lot of washing in preparation for my arrival in the new space, so she’ll also be telling us all about EcoEgg. It’s a brilliant way to put less chemicals into the environment and save money on washing powder.

We’d love other beans to join in so do let us know what you are doing to recycle, upcycle and buy second-hand in your home, in the comments box below. Even if  it’s just one thing, it makes a difference.

We’d also like to know your tips for up cycling and hunting down those second-hand bargains. Together we can do our bit for Earth and make sure it’s still here for every Bean.

Good luck!




4 thoughts on “November Green Bean Challenge: Upcycling, Handing Down and Buying Second Hand.

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Sounds like a great month ahead, Little Bean! One thing I’ve found works is this. When bath towels get a bit worn for use, they can easily be cut down into cleaning-cloth size. Saves on the purchase of paper towels and lets you re-use the bath towels.

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  2. The Zero-Waste Chef says:

    I love upcycling. Today I turned some scrap fabric into unmatched, but perfectly useful and cute, cloth napkins (I just cut them into squares and do a rolled hem with my serger). I also make cloth produce bags out of old sheets (I’m looking right at a sheet I didn’t get to today…). Looking forward to your upcycling posts 🙂


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