Recycling Counts!

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 13.23.39

Screen shot from Count The Kicks Website.


The voice has found a great new way of recycling that she wants to share with you. It means you can now recycle baby wipe packets, baby food packets, biscuit packets, old material, ink cartridges and more.

It’s run by a charity called Count The Clicks, a charity that helps to educate mums-to-be and reduce stillbirth rates. This means more little beans make it to their new spaces. You can find out more about the charity, here.

The voice says she doesn’t need to worry about me at the moment because she can’t count all the times I kick her, there’s so many. I don’t know what she means, I’m just stretching, it’s very cramped in here.

If you’d like to help Count The Kicks and learn more about how you can recycle for charity, then you can find more information here:

Recycling In Aid Of Count The Kicks


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