Too Hot To Handle

I’m nice and warm at the moment, in the dark space. The voice says this is because she controls the temperature and makes sure it’s just right.

When I arrive in the new space I’ll have to do it myself. I’ll need lots of practice and I might not be that good at it at first but the voice says not to worry she’ll make sure I’m OK.

My new space needs to be between 16C and 20C and the voice will have to remember that when she puts a blanket on me this makes it warmer, so she can turn the heating down a bit if I’m warm enough. If you’re not sure your little bean is the right temperature, then you can get a room thermometer to help you.

This works with bigger beans too. Apparently a lot of bigger beans make their rooms too hot. If every bean turned their heating down by one degree, they’d not only save money but they’d stop the whole world from getting too hot, too. That would be much better for us little beans.

If you’re a very old bean or a poorly bean, you might not want to do this as you might not be very good at keeping warm either, but if you’re a healthy green bean, then this is one quick and easy way to be a little it greener.



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