Food Waste Friday


It’s that time of the week again, it’s Food Waste Friday *: Let’s see what’s going on in the fridge:


This week the voice says the fridge has nothing in it that is out of date, gone off or inedible in any other way. That sounds good, but there are some things in there that are in imminent danger of wastage, so she has introduced a new face. The orange face of doom. This means these things need eating up tout de suite.

So what lurks behind the orange face this week?



The voice says to always have a handy excuse ready, if you find yourself in deep water, so her excuse this week? The coriander is left over from a recipe box: there was way too much provided for the recipe. The salad is because she was meant to have a friend to lunch earlier in the week but the friend couldn’t come.

The voice also says it’s important to take responsibility for your mistakes so she’s going to add the coriander to home made soups and have the salad for lunch today.

We also have a vegetable basket in our house, that the voice wants to start including in Food Waste Friday, to make sure things get eaten up in here, too. Here it is:


Oh no! It’s the orange face of doom! Well there’s only one thing for it. The giant courgettes, given to us by a friend of the daddy voice, will have to go in the soup with the coriander. Yummy!

Let’s hope none of these faces turn red and the voice doesn’t waste any food this week.


*Food Waste Friday was started by Frugal Girl, who took a picture of her fridge each Friday, to shame herself into wasting less food. be sure to check out her blog.


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