Rainbow In A Jar


Last year the voice started a project she found on Pinterest (that’s another one of those places where beans post the things they can see and want other beans to see, because they really like them).

Every time something good happens or the voice has a memory she wants to keep safe, she writes it down on a piece of coloured card and places it in a jar. She says these thoughts, events and memories create a rainbow of happiness that we can take out and read together in the New Year. It’s a way of looking back on all the wonderful things that have happened to us, so that they are not forgotten. She says, I’m in there. I’m a bit confused, because I thought I was in here.

The voice said not to worry about that and that the most important thing is, that whilst you are filling the jar, you get to remember the things that made you smile, all over again.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every bean created a rainbow of happiness? I think I’d like that…a new space full of rainbows. 



4 thoughts on “Rainbow In A Jar

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