Times Up!

The voice says one of the easiest ways to make sure heaters and lights aren’t on for longer than they need to be is to use timer switches.

We have a fish tank and a vivarium and the lights in these tanks don’t need to be on all the time, so the voice uses timer switches to make sure they don’t get forgotten about.

Some of the appliances in our house have timers. The voice says this is mainly because it saves money to do you washing in the middle of the night when we’re all asleep.

Heaters can also have timer switches. We have storage heaters in our house, but upstairs we have electric heaters. The voices have just got two new heaters that have timer switches and thermostats attached to them. This means my nursery won’t get too hot or too cold. Also the heaters don’t need to be on when we are out. Instead they can come on just before we get home.



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