Food Waste Friday


The voice often likes to show other Beans what we’ve been up to on something called Instagram. I’m not sure what pictures are yet but the voice says they show other beans what we can see. I’m not sure they’d like to see what I can, it’s a bit squishy.

We have some friends on Instagram, the place where the pictures are, and one of our friends told us about a weekly post called Food Waste Friday. The post was started by Frugal Girl, who took a picture of her fridge each Friday, to shame herself into wasting less food. The voice who told us about it, Simply Being Mum, takes part every week. As we are trying to be green beans and cut down on our waste, we thought it would be fun to join in.

So each week the voice will show you what she can see in our fridge and then tell you what was wasted. The voice will put a little sad face on the food she’s had to throw out, hopefully not too much, so here goes with week one:



This week the voice says the fridge is very full, as she only just got some shopping in. Don’t worry though all this food is in date and is planned for use in meals over the next week. There is only one thing we’ve had to waste this week: A pot of yogurt, that’s a week past its use by, oops. The voice says this is probably because we were on holiday. I think we should have taken the yogurt with us, I like yogurt, but the voice says it would have been a bit messy on the ferry.



2 thoughts on “Food Waste Friday

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, Bean, I think you’ll find Instagram is terrific. ‘Though by the time you’re really ready for it, there will probably be even more new ways to look at pictures. Food Waste Friday is a good idea 🙂


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