Take The Rubbish Diet!

Photo via www.123rf.com by Le Moal Olivier

Photo via http://www.123rf.com by Le Moal Olivier

The voice and I have some friends on Twitter and the other day we were looking for people who might join in with September’s Green Bean Challenge, when we discovered the lovely Karen Cannard and her brilliant project ‘The Rubbish Diet’.

If you sign up to ‘slim your bin’ then you are sent guidance sheets over five weeks. By the end of the five weeks, your bin’s contents will be significantly smaller.

Well, how could a green bean not sign up?

This is the first week we will be trying The Rubbish Diet. We have analysed our bin and found we throw out approximately three swing bin liners of rubbish a week. Our bin is about 15ltrs so that’s about 45ltrs of rubbish.  Most of this is plastic, that can’t be recycled by the roadside, and food waste. So our challenge this week is to find out where we can recycle all that plastic. We’ll report back!

In fact, why not join us on twitter and follow our adventures there too: @beantweeting

It’s a great challenge and if you’d like to get involve then you can join the challenge on twitter or Facebook. See links below:

The Rubbish Diet Facebook Page




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