Conkering The Castle


What an adventure I’ve had this week. The two voices and I went to a different country, called Ireland, for a wedding. A wedding is where two beans who love each other very much, promise to spend the rest of their lives together.

These two Beans are very old friends of the daddy voice.

We had to go on a boat to get there and drive a very long way. There was lots of sitting still and it was pretty boring but once we were there I learnt lots of new things.

The voice said it’s autumn at the moment and that there’re lots of conkers. She told me that conkers can be used for fighting, but not like William the Conker. The daddy voice said it was like William the conker. He told me a story all about how a bean called Harold and a bean called William had a big conker fight. William was very naughty and hit Harold in the eye with the conker. Harold was worried his friends would laugh at him as he’d bet William his whole castle, he’d win the fight. He asked William to pretend they’d had a big battle instead and William said OK because that made him look better in front of his friends. Daddy voice says that when I’m old enough he’ll teach me how to fight with conkers. It sounds fun, I wonder if I’ll win a castle?

The wedding for the beans was in a castle, a bit like the one Harold lost. We had lots of yummy food. I think the voice ate too much because my space got a lot smaller. Then we heard about the married beans from some other beans. They said some funny things and then the daddy voice said: ‘I get to make a speech like that when our bean gets married’. He seemed very excited about it.

After all the food, there was some music. It was very loud but I didn’t mind because I love music. It makes me wriggle.

The voice found a big trolley with lots of sweets on it told me all about them. She said they were called favours and that we were allowed to have some. Favours are good! There were some she called fruit salads, some cola bottles, some UFO’s with fizzy sherbet, and my favourite were the black jacks. The voice says I better just make sure my friends know it’s the sweety type of black jack I liked and not the kind where you can win money. I thought that kind sounded interesting too.

It was a very long day and the voice was very tried by the end of it but she said it had been a lovely wedding and that she was glad I had been there with her. I’m glad too.

Conkers, black jacks and Harold: what a lot I’ve learnt


One thought on “Conkering The Castle

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, Bean, you did have quite the time! How wonderful that you found out how good favours are. You’ll learn lots more about William and Harold when you’re a bit older. You’ll learn more about conkers too. And maybe you’ll go on a boat again as well. But for now, I’ll bet your Voice needs to rest up…


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