Souped Up!


Not sure what to do with those leftovers in the fridge? Got a carrot that’s looking a bit worse for wear or an onion that makes you want to cry before it’s even been cut. Well worry no more. Soups and stews are here to save the day!

The voice is always making me yummy, wholesome soups with leftovers and excess vegetables and here’s how she does it.


She uses three main basics for every soup:

    • Onion
    • Garlic
    • Stock

Fry your onion and garlic and add it to the chopped up leftover vegetables. In this case courgettes, celery and potatoes. Root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes as well as butternut squash make a good thickener for a soup.


Finally she adds the stock and any herbs or spices she fancies. Oregano for this soup, but in a butternut squash soup, why not try ginger. Then she boils the soup until the root vegetables are cooked through.



Season to taste and blend as required.

You can also add leftover ham hock or roast beef  but make sure it’s no more than a day old, you don’t want to make your tummy icky. If there is leftover meat in a soup then eat the soup straight away, do not reheat once cooked in the soup.

You could add, pasta, rice or lentils for protein and carbohydrate instead of meat. In this case I added puy lentils.


If there’s no pre cooked meat in your soup then you can freeze it ready for quick easy meals when your bean arrives.

Stews are just as easy. You can use all the same ingredients but instead of adding stock and water to the fried veg, add a can of chopped tomatoes.  Add a dry stock cube to the mix, or even a spoonful of marmite and simmer until all the veg is cooked through.

Any vegetables scraps you have leftover could go on the compost heap, in your wormery or to feed your rabbit or guinea pig but remember animals cannot eat potato peelings, they are poisonous!

Enjoy your soup or stew with homemade crusty bread!


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