Leave It!


The voice loves tea and so do I. All sorts of tea, limeflower, lemon, chai, fruit, peppermint, and of course earl grey. She particularly likes loose leaf tea.

As part of the September Green Bean Challenge, the voice and I have been trying to find ways to cut down on food waste; that includes tea leaves. The voice tells me you can put food waste like tea leaves on compost heaps. Compost heaps are piles of  vegetable, fruit and garden waste that breaks down, and is good for the garden. Sounds a bit stinky to me. We don’t have a compost heap and the voice says our garden isn’t really big enough to have one. The voice puts most of the garden waste in a big green bag for the bin man to take away, but the vegetables and tea leaves don’t go in that bag.

The voice has found that tea leaves and coffee grounds are very good for your garden! Tea leaves in particular are good for roses. Roses are very pretty – my grandma liked them – and they smell wonderful. The voice says we should start giving our tea leaves and coffee grounds to the roses. Even if we use teabags we can open them up and use the leaves in them. Just using tea leaves, instead of bags, cuts down waste even more. Coffee grounds are even good for getting rid of pests. So we’ve started keeping tea leaves and coffee grounds for the garden.

You can try keeping your tea leaves too. All you need is an old container by the sink to tip them into, they don’t smell, and then, when you’re ready, put them on the flower beds around the garden to help the plants.


The voice is trying to cut down on the other types of food waste by freezing excess vegetables, she’ll tell you about that later in the week, but she’d really like to get a wormery. Worms are wriggly and eat lots of different things, that then come out the other end, and are fertiliser for the garden. Wormeries are not as big as compost bins and she thinks I’ll have fun meeting the worms when I’m in the new space.


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