Up The Garden Path



Phew! What a week I’ve had. It’s been all about murder mysteries and home-grown fruit and vegetables this week.

This week the voice said she was going to tell some people a story in a place called the pub and they had to listen so that they could answer questions. She called it a ‘Murder Mystery Evening’. She says little Beans, that are really no bigger than an aubergine, shouldn’t be listening to murder mysteries, as they are too scary. She told me to put my hands over my ears, but I didn’t. How could I when there’s a story being read. I’m glad I didn’t, it was so much fun! It was about a very bad Bean who goes around being very naughty and even killing other Beans, but it’s OK, it’s just a made up story, and the voice made sure the naughty Bean got caught in the end!

Then a couple of days later, just when I thought maybe the voice wouldn’t read me anymore of those fun stories with me, she went to listen to another voice  telling her all about how to write them. I’m very pleased. That’s more stories for me!

As for the vegetables, well, we had to travel to listen to how to write the stories, and the voice says we went to a space called Norfolk. This is a space where the daddy voice comes from. The daddy voice’s daddy (complicated isn’t it?), has some friends who grow lots of fruit and vegetables, organically. They said we could have some fruit and vegetables from their garden. The voice says that’s too good to miss. They are very yummy and organic. We collected courgettes, butter nut squash, runner beans, a marrow, grapes and damsons. The voice says they are yummy green things that are going to fill my tummy with goodness. We are very lucky to be given such yummy food.  She’s going to tell you all about it later in the week, along with some other ways we are cutting down on our food waste for September’s challenge.

Oo, there’s just one last thing I must tell you. Where daddy voice used to live when he was a little Bean, his daddy made a path and daddy voice put his handprint in the cement. The voice says it’s a good job he didn’t get stuck!





One thought on “Up The Garden Path

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, you have had quite the week, Bean! And I’m glad you enjoyed your Voice’s stories. She is very good at them! 🙂 How fun to hear about your daddy voice’s hand print too! And those veges do sound yummy! Now, it’s time for you to rest up. Before you know it, it’ll be time to move to your new space!


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