The Importance Of Caterpillars

The Voice recently made me my first handmade toy. It’s a wriggly caterpillar. The pattern for the toy came from Simplicity Patterns  and is ever so easy to make.

The Voice made it out of scraps of fabric she had in her stash. She bought the fleece and the elastic online,  but you could use an old fleece and some elastic from an old pair of jogging bottoms. You could even use fabric from old clothes to make the body of the caterpillar. For stuffing, the Voice used scraps of the fleece that were left over. That way you’re being a Green Bean and recycling.

This caterpillar is for me to play with but the Voice says, real life caterpillars are important as they provide food for lots of wildlife. But, shush, don’t tell the caterpillar that or he’ll get scared.

In the Summer, the Voice says, you can encourage butterflies to come to your garden. You can do this by growing the right plants*. Butterflies make caterpillars and butterflies help the plants to make more plants.



One thought on “The Importance Of Caterpillars

  1. Deborah says:

    That’s a pretty cool caterpillar, Bean! You’re really going to like it. And it will be fun to watch the real caterpillars when the plants they like are growing. 🙂


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