September Green Bean Challenge: Cutting Down On Food Waste



The Voice has been doing a lot of thinking recently. She says it’s because she has been thinking about the planet and how many people live on it already. There are over seven billion Beans on the planet. That’s a lot of Beans and I’m not even there yet. The planet’s big, but it’s only got so many resources and the Voice is worried about the future.

She’s been thinking about Zero Waste Week and how we can do more to help. She even got a book out the library so that she could learn more. The Voice has told me she wants me to learn all about the planet, about the animals and how to look after the Earth.

She says she’d like to try to be a Green Bean. That means I’ll be a Green Bean too. She wants to make more from the things we already have and waste less. I think she already does do a lot. I tried to tell her but bubbles just came out.

She says we can do more; lots more! I said we can’t do everything because I’m just a little Bean. I think she heard me this time because the Voice agrees. She says we don’t have to do everything all at once but if we keep doing little things then eventually they will mount up to one big thing. So, we are going to promise to do one extra thing a month to help the Earth. The Voice says if we tell my friends on the blog about it then that means we have to do it.

This month she wants to try to cut down on food waste. Here’s how we are going to do it:


  • Be more aware of sell by dates
  • Buy our food weekly and meal plan
  • Use things up instead of throwing them away. She says this website can help us do that:
  • Use recipe boxes

I’m looking forward to this one because it looks like there’s lots of yummy food that’s going to be cooked for me. The Voice says this will also save something called money, too. Apparently little Beans can cost a lot of money.

We will let you know how we’ve been doing at the end of the month and start a new challenge on the first of each month. We’d love other beans to join in so do let us know if you do in the comments box below. Even if  it’s just one thing, it makes a difference. We’d also like to know your tips for cutting down on food waste. Together we can do our bit for Earth and make sure it’s still here for every Bean.

Good luck!




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