Bets On!


The Voice has been very busy this week. We’ve been sat at the computer doing something called editing. When she’s not been sat there, we’ve been sat at something called a sewing machine. The sewing machine is noisy and makes my space vibrate but the Voice says she’s making lots of nice things for me, so I’ll let her off. She’s also been making some prizes for a giveaway she’ll be doing soon, so other bean’s should definitely watch out for that!

Last week we ate lots of yummy food from somewhere called Riverford and the Voice says she’ll be telling you all about the recipes she’s been cooking, tomorrow, when she reviews one of the Riverford Quick Recipe boxes.

The Voice had to go to a class last week. It was called a parenting class and was all about something called labour. Labour is how I get to my new space. The Voice said it was best to cover my ears for most of it so I could have a nice sleep, and not to worry about it because she’d sort it out. I’m not sure. I forgot a couple of times to keep my hands over my ears and it sounded scary! The Voice says it’s worth it, because my new space is much nicer than the space I have at the moment. She says it’s lighter and full of lovely things that she can’t wait to teach me about.

My space is getting smaller, but it’s already getting lighter. There’re some little windows on my face that I can see out of now. I can make it go dark by closing the windows. I think it will take a while to get used to that.

We went somewhere very noisy this week. Something called horse racing. You watch some horses run around and try to guess which horse is going to win. A horse is an animal. I’m an animal too, but I’m a bean animal. That’s where it get lost.

The Voice says she won some money by guessing the right horse. I heard her shout a lot when she won one race. She says betting isn’t something you should do a lot but that sometimes it’s fun as long as you don’t bet too much. She lost money on a horse with a funny name that she just had to bet on; something to do with what she does on the computer all day.  The other Voice was grumpy because he bet on the wrong horse. Perhaps I can help him choose the right horse once I’m in the new space.


4 thoughts on “Bets On!

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, Bean, you’re getting closer and closer to being ready for your new space. And it sounds like your Voices are too. How exciting! And honestly, don’t worry about labour. That’ll be your Voices’ job. Your job will be to let them know when it’s time for you to come out. You’ll know when that is. Trust me. And when it happens, you have no idea how many wonderful things those windows of yours will see…


    • writerdsnelson says:

      Hi Cara, nice to meet you. Thanks for following my adventures. How exciting that yoy’re going to have a bean too. I’m looking forward to learning all about it!


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