Zero Waste Week*: How One Bean Can Mount Up To A Whole Hill of Beans

I am a Bean, which is short for Human Bean. Humans live on something called Earth. That’s what all the spaces make up. I’m in a space that no one can see but soon I will be in a new space. My new space makes up part of Earth.


The Voice says we have to look after earth because it’s got to last a long time. She wants to make sure it’s still here when I grow beans and then when my beans grow beans. I can’t imagine growing beans. She says beans can cause a mess and fill up big holes in the ground with that mess. Sometimes she creates waste that fill the holes but a lot of the time she tries to find ways not to. This is important as there are only so many holes beans can fill.

She’s been talking to me about what’s going to happen when I’m in the new space and how we are going to try not to put too much extra into the holes on Earth.

First of all she says I’m going to have reusable, cloth nappies that she will wash (she’s going to tell you more about these soon). She says they will be nicer for me and will stop the holes in the ground  filling up so quickly. It sounds like a lot of work but she says she doesn’t mind.

She said something about a washing machine using energy and that this can make holes in the sky. That sounds scary. She said not to worry though because if she uses the lowest heat possible to wash them and air dries them, or only tumble dries them for a short time, this will cut down on these holes too.

There are also some nice pieces of cloth, waiting for me, that she will use to keep me clean, instead of using ones that you have to throw away.

I get fed some really yummy food and the Voice says this is because it’s organic. Organic food is something that’s grown without harmful chemicals and the cows are sung to** so that they are happy. Because the food is only eaten when it is called ‘in season’ it means it’s even yummier. The Voice says it’s helping local farmers too.

We often walk places instead of doing something called driving, but it can be tricky as we live in the country. That’s a place on Earth where trees and grass grow. I like walking, it helps me sleep. When the Voice has time, she sometimes grows things in the garden that we can eat. She says when I’m a little bit bigger we can grow things together.

This week we’ve been trying out a Riverford Recipe Box, which means the voice has been cutting down on waste, as all the ingredients are measured out and nothing is left over. Apparently waste food fills holes too. It certainly fills a little hole in my tummy. The Voice is going to let you know all about the Riverford Recipe Boxes, next week.


When I’m in the new space I will have things that need batteries. The Voice says that we must try to make sure we use batteries that can be recharged. I wonder if I will need batteries?

The Voice says there are still plenty more things we can do, to stop the holes filling up or so that we don’t make more holes in the sky. She says we have to keep recycling, try to make meal plans so we don’t waste food, send old things to charity shops or make them into different things, use the computer less in favour of pen and paper which can be recycled, and most of all, tell other beans about how important it is to do all these things.

So, once I’m in the new space, the Voice and I are going to try our very best to make one Bean’s efforts mount up to a whole hill of Beans. I hope you will too.


*This post is written to raise awareness for ‘Zero Waste Week.’ For more information, click here.

**The Voice does not know if the cows are sung to but she hopes they are.


3 thoughts on “Zero Waste Week*: How One Bean Can Mount Up To A Whole Hill of Beans

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Well, Bean, it sounds as though you’re already learning important things about taking care of the big space you’ll be living in. Those ideas your Voice has told you about do take care of that space. What’s even better, they take care of you. Walking will help you grow properly and stay healthy. Eating the right food will taste yummy and be good for you. And not wasting things is good for this big space too. It also helps save money. Don’t worry about what money is yet; you won’t need it for quite a while.


  2. Deborah says:

    What a lovely post, Bean! It’s wonderful how much your learning about Earth and what the Voice will be doing to help protect it. You will have lots of chances to enjoy the walks and the wonderful nappies and other things the Voice has for you. I can almost picture you in a few years helping with a vegetable garden. Vegetables are so yummy! You have lots of wonderful adventures to look forward to.


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