What’s a MAT B1?

As a little Bean, no one can see me, so I need a certificate to prove I’m here. Here’s how you get one.

One of the things that stumped me fairly early on in my pregnancy was my employer asking me for a Mat B1 certificate. I looked everywhere! Until I discovered that you don’t get these little beasties until you are at the very least twenty weeks and more often than not between twenty-four and twenty-six weeks.

So what are they and how do you get one?

A Mat B1, or maternity certificate, is a form issued, in the UK, by a doctor or a midwife, that allows a pregnant woman to claim statutory maternity benefits from their employer or in the case of unemployment, a maternity allowance from the job centre. Ultimately it confirms you are pregnant and when the baby is due, or as it eloquently states on the form ‘your expected week of confinement’.

I love this expression. I imagine I’m a Tudor queen, actually, on second thoughts, I quite like my head, perhaps I should campaign to have this phrase changed.

Moving on, the form looks like this:


Only a doctor or a midwife can issue them and they are not issued until at least twenty weeks, normally later. Most of the time you have to let your employer know of your intention to take maternity leave at least fifteen weeks before you are due. If you do the maths this is week twenty-five!

I’m in week twenty-five now so I got my certificate from my GP, as my employer was requesting it and I don’t see my midwife for another two weeks.

What do you do with them once you have one?

Fill in your details on the back as instructed on the form and show your employer. They will take a copy for your human resources or payroll department. Each company may have a different procedure for this.

Now you know what it is, good luck!

A Mat B1 is used in the UK only. For more information on Mat B1s follow the links below:



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