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Demgenii Pregnancy Pillow – http://www.dreamgenii.com

People are telling the Voice to get lots of sleep while she can. I’m not sure what the problem is, I sleep most of the time, so the Voice must too. She says this isn’t true and wants to tell you about something that might help other voices sleep better. 

There are many products on the market to aid sleep. Aromatherapy oils, orthopaedic pillows, clocks that play the sound of crashing waves, I’ve tried them all. I’ve never been a good sleeper. Pregnancy doesn’t make things any easier. Back pain, the increasing pressure on your bladder and the heat radiated by your growing bundle-of-joy, all add to the no-sleep that now constitutes what was sleep. And yes it’s only downhill from here, as many people like to tell me. So how can you get more sleep?

In the later stages of the second trimester and into the third trimester, sleeping becomes more difficult due to your burgeoning bump and resulting back pain. I frequently wake up in the morning with muscle spasms in my chest and back because of the way I’m sleeping. Exercise will help back pain and I have started doing Pilates every day, which helps enormously, (review coming soon).

Pillows also help but they are bulky and ultimately there’s only so many pillows you can barricade yourself with before you have to mount a full-scale climbing expedition, to get in or out of bed.

Early on in my pregnancy I found the Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow and thought I’d give it a go.

Whats do you get for your money?

The recommended retail price for this pillow seems to be £45.99. I managed to get it for £40.99  from John Lewis and, by ordering something else, I got free delivery. Unfortunately they no longer sell it at this price. Included is a pillow and one cover.

Expensive? Yes but it’s designed for job and can be used throughout pregnancy and beyond, as a nursing pillow.

Is it any good?


There are some downsides to this pillow including the cost, but in the main it provides great support for your bump and back during pregnancy. The long part of the pillow gives good support to your hips and may help with pelvic pain in pregnancy. It’s also the perfect shape for wrapping around you, to support your back and your baby when nursing. 

Unfortunately, in the summer months, it’s very warm as it wraps around your middle. It does not rid you completely of back pain either, this is often better solved with exercise. Ultimately this is a significant investment and might not work for everyone.

Got time to read a bit more? Here’s some of the things that were good and not so good.

 The Pros:

As your bump gets bigger this pillow becomes more useful. It supports your bump and back for a good night’s sleep on the recommended, left hand side. If you sleep on your right, you can reverse it. The pillow works to support your hips with the long part of the pillow fitting between your legs and may even help with pelvic pain.

It’s a great shape to use as a nursing pillow and you can tuck the long part of the pillow behind your back for support when nursing.

The pillow case is easy to remove for washing, not so easy to get back on, that requires a bit more patience. You can also buy extra pillow cases in a variety of different colours.

The Cons:

If the majority of your pregnancy is in the Summer months you may find this pillow very hot. It hugs your back where your liver is and where you would otherwise loose heat. Therefore it insulates. This would be a good thing in the winter.

If you want to buy extra pillow cases, especially if using it as a nursing pillow, these cases are very expensive: £15.99 each.

The biggest downside is that the pillow itself is expensive. This may prohibit some people from buying it. You could technically do the same job with ordinary pillows, however this would be a bulky option. You would need approximately three to four pillows to do the job of the Dreamgenii.

Let’s work it out. If you don’t have extra pillows and can’t borrow them then the cheapest would cost you about £10, extra for pillow cases, say £4 and in the interest of being fair a nursing pillow ,as the Dreamgenii doubles as one, perhaps £10-£15. This still means you’ve saved yourself £15, even if you had to buy all of the above instead of the Dreamgenii pillow.

My conclusion? This pillow works for me, although hot in the summer, but is ultimately a significant investment.


If you found this review useful, please let me know and I would love to hear your experiences of the Dreamgenii pillow, so be sure to leave your comments below.





2 thoughts on “Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    I love your honest and thoughtful reviews of these things. For some products, you get what you pay for, as the saying goes, and the cost is worth it. For others….not so much. It sounds like this was a decent investment for you in several ways.


    • writerdsnelson says:

      Thanks Margot. It’s a great exercise as it really makes you think about what your spending your money on. I try to be honest as I think you get too many reviews that are extremes of the scale. I just want people to have balanced review. I worry they’re a bit long though so that’s why I do the ‘Overall’ bit at the beginning, then if people want to read on they can 🙂


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