The Big Twenty Four

I’ve reached a very important milestone and the Voice wants to tell you all about it:

I have reached twenty-four weeks in my pregnancy and I’m about to enter the twenty-fifth week: the week that signals end of my second trimester. The big twenty-four is a huge milestone as this signifies the point where little Bean is likely to survive if she were to be born this early.


This s**t just got serious!

Over the last few months I’ve been gradually gathering things together for little Bean’s arrival. We have bought clothes, a pram/pushchair (I shall be posting about this soon) , an infant carrier, a steriliser, bottles (so I have options) and reusable nappies. We have  also arranged to borrow a moses basket and a car seat, and we’ve already been given clothes, blankets, booties etc.

It sounds like we are almost there doesn’t it?  The nursery still has to be decorated, but basically we can clothe, feed, change and transport little Bean once she’s here.

There are still so many things on my list. Muslins, a baby bouncer, a monitor, combed, blankets, sheets, a mattress for moses basket, the list goes on. It’s really difficult to know what’s important, what’s nice to have and what really isn’t necessary. It’s our first so the world of baby merchandise is even more confusing, despite the many friends I have, all able to impart advice.

Ultimately it often comes down to personal choice but today I found this little video, which I thought I’d share. It explains the simple straightforward essentials. What is legal requirement ( in the UK), what is necessary and what is not. I hope you find it as useful as I have.

Click on the link to watch

If you have any suggestions for me; things you couldn’t be without for your baby, then please leave your comments below. I’m off to rifle through some catalogues. When all’s said and done, it’s a good excuse to shop!



6 thoughts on “The Big Twenty Four

  1. Anett says:

    Our baby bouncer’s massage function, though initially thought over-the-top, saved my sanity during teething…
    And if you want to breastfeed, a breastpump can be super useful. I had the Avent electric one, it also helped me out during a horrible breast inflammation thing (hello, TMI!). Avent also sells these handy plastic freezer pots for the milk, three and a half years later I still use them for freezing/snack storage.


    • writerdsnelson says:

      Thanks Anett. Baby bouncer is on the list, but there’s so many to choose from. Massage function sounds interesting. I think I need one of those myself!

      The freezer pots are a great idea, I’ll check them out and yes breast pump, definitely on the list 🙂


  2. writerdsnelson says:

    So am I. I swing between excitement and being terrified lol. Love the list and yes nappies/diapers are in hand!


  3. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, this is so exciting! And I just know you’ll be wonderful parents. From my own parenting experience, I can say that you never know exactly what will happen, and you’ll never be 100% prepared with every item. And that’s a good thing. Each baby tells its parents what it needs, so for a lot of things, Bean’ll let you know what’s best for her. In the meantime….pamper yourself. This is going to be quite a ride! 🙂


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