It’s All Relative



This week the Voice hasn’t been doing the things she normally does. She normally sits for hours, at something she calls the computer, writing. Not sure what she’s writing, something called murder mysteries. She says I’m not old enough for them yet.

Instead of writing, this week, we’ve been to see lots of people.

On Monday we said good-bye to my grandma. That’s the Voice’s mummy. She says grandma would be very sad not to have met me but that when I get older she’ll tell me all about her. The Voice says she has lots of photos of grandma to show me too; once I’m in the other space. Lots of people called relatives came with us to say goodbye to grandma. The Voice introduced me to her cousins, aunts and uncles and someone who’s going to be my granddad. He’s like the other voice is, he’s a boy. Also he’s the Voice’s dad. It’s all a bit confusing.

Later in the week we went to see someone called Aunty Jane and she has made me a blanket for when I’m in the new space. The Voice says it’s very pretty and will keep me very warm because when I’m in the new space it will be winter. Winter is colder, much colder than my space. I hope the blanket works.

Then the next day we went to meet my new cousin. He’s in the new space already and he’s still very small. He gets fed lots and sleeps a great deal. It sounds like he likes his new space. He even gave me two baby-gros for me to wear when I’m  in the new space. That was very nice of him.

Today we met another uncle and had something called Sunday dinner. It tasted good. I think I like Sundays.

Some days this weeks have been a bit noisy, with lots of voices all talking at once. It’s a bit much for a little Bean like me and I’m glad I’m not in the new space just yet.

The Voice says she’s very tired now and I know what she feels like. I’m very tired too! She says not to worry, because next week will be much quieter, with fewer voices and we’ll be sat at the computer again writing murder mysteries. I do wonder what they are.



3 thoughts on “It’s All Relative

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    I wish you could have met your grandma too, Bean. But your Voice will tell you all about her. It’s going to take some time for you to sort out who all those other voices belong to, but you will. And all those voices means you’ll have lots of people to love and take care of you. That’s a very good thing. Tell your Voice to get some extra rest and take care of herself. She’s had quite a week.


  2. Jane Andreoli says:

    Tell Bean that Aunty Jane has finished all the blocks for her new quilt, though it will be a month or so before it’s ready to give to her. You can also tell her that Aunty Jane absolutely loves being an Aunty!


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