Mamma Bear and The Subtext: A Poem

mamma bear

Mamma Bear and The Subtext

D S Nelson


Once upon a time,

there was a happy bear

and she never let anything,

get in her hair.*

*If you believe that you’ll believe anything. Do read on.

She danced in the woods,

swatting the bees.

She stole their honey  

and did as she pleased.**

**Within the laws and constraints of modern society

Then one day

she met another bear.

Bigger, stronger,

with much more hair.***

***Factually accurate.

The hairy bear said

let’s have a little bear.

She shrugged her shoulders,

Said, ‘Why not , yeah.’****

****This poem misses out several rounds of discussion and bribery for the protection of the reader

So they set about making

a comfortable den,

lined with moss

and just the right zen.*****

*****Do not interfere with nesting, under any circumstances. Read to the end before considering any action.

Some months past

and the mamma bear found

She was growing a bean

and putting on the pounds.******

******Bears don’t have a problem with clothes not fitting. Oh to be a bear.

As the pounds increased

she felt a change,

An overwhelming rage

for anything in range.*******

*******This included everything, from the hairy bear to the moss in the den

The hairy bear,

ran into the woods.

Said, I’ll come back,

when all is good********

********Hairy bears are known for their surprise at a previously happy bear, now roaring.

The moral of this story

for there is one to be told.

When you suggest little bears

you better be bold*********


Because something happens 

to a bear with no care.

Once she has a bean

you unleash the Mamma Bear.**********

**********TRUE STORY!

This poem is dedicated to the Voices long suffering husband aka Hairy Bear.


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