Out For A Duck



The Voice has started talking about someone called mummy. I think she might be talking to herself, I’m not sure. Either way this mummy is a very bossy person.

I like to move around a lot and when the Voice stays still, it’s not so nice because I have to move myself around! She says, mummy says it’s night time and she needs to sleep but I don’t know what night is. The Voice says night is when it gets dark but it’s always dark in here. Maybe mummy is me. It’s very confusing because I’ve had lots of sleep.

There were a lot of new voices this week. One called a grandad and others called aunt and uncle. They came with us to some new places.

In one of the new places, I heard something called ducks. They make a funny, loud noise when they want food. When they made the noise, the voices gave them lots of food so I’m going to practice making this noise. Maybe I’ll get more food!

We all went to watch something called cricket. The Voice says it’s lots of men on a field. One of the men throw a ball and another man hits it across some grass. Sometimes it’s a very good hit and other times those ducks appear again. They make a different noise at the cricket. It’s very loud, like lots of voices all shouting. I’m not sure about cricket. It meant the Voice stayed still for a very long time.

The Voice says something very special happened the other day. I got a new cousin. A cousin is someone you can play with. Playing is fun, that’s what the Voice reckons, and this cousin will be about the same size as me so that will be even more fun.

It’s raining now and the Voice says we won’t be going anywhere new today. Rain is wet and makes you soggy. The Voice gets grumpy when this happens. I don’t mind staying still for a bit, I could do with a rest after such a busy week!



2 thoughts on “Out For A Duck

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    You certainly did have a busy week, Little Bean! Cricket and ducks – sounds like fun. Oh, and about ‘Mummy?’ Your mummy will be one of the the most important people in your life. Ever. She’s quite a lovely person, too – I can’t wait for you to meet her.


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